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Ready to have your child master the skills to success at school and in life? You're in the right place!


Welcome to your one-stop resource for quality coaching and tutoring.  Ready to Set Goals is here to help students achieve their academic potential and guide them to become motivated and independent learners. 

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Your Goal is My Goal

Learning and teaching is not one size fits all. Finding the learning style that suits your child best ensures academic improvement and fosters the love of continuous learning. When learning is engaging and fun, motivation grows and achievements follow.  

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This is my teaching philosophy. With this approach, my goal is to improve student mindset and teach them effective strategies so that they can take on their schoolwork with enthusiasm and confidence.

Studying at Home

Programs Offered

Distance Learning

How to Organize and Plan Smart

Get Stuff Done

I teach your child to set achievable goals, plan, and manage their schoolwork. 

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Celine, grade 12 student

Thank you for all the support and care you have provided me with for the past 2 years. I am so grateful to meet such an awesome, kind, and professional teacher like you. You helped me grow and learn, and that is not limited to English reading and writing, but also critical thinking and planning. I have to say, you are THE BEST teacher. Thank you once again!

Student Paper Writing

Juliana, parent of a grade 4 student

Thank you Ginny. Your sessions are a godsend. Her confidence is increasing and you can tell her attitude towards math is improving. Before she would always say how bad at math she was, and now, although she won’t say she likes it, she no longer says she is bad at math, which I will take! 😜 Thank you for your gentle approach, so effective with a kid like Charlie. 

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