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About Me

"Teaching is my life" is cliché, but from the time I was 6 where I set up my very own classroom of 6 teddy bears to mentoring and peer tutoring in high school, I knew that teaching was my calling. 

Pursuing that goal with a BA in English followed by a BEd, I taught in public and private education sectors, and worked in curriculum development and skills training. Fast forward some years and with the addition of three lovely children, I made the switch to tutor from home.  From there, I established my tutoring business where I teach students ranging from pre-K phonics to IB English 12. 

As unprecedented as 2020 had been, it had taught us to adapt and be resilient. For me, that meant making the switch to teach online. Apart from tutoring, I started to dive deep into the learnings and research of the brain and the value of the growth mindset. I shared strategies around learning and mindset. I blogged about goal setting and organizing and how it affects learning. 


My students started to apply the strategies into their learning, and the parents tell me they see a difference in their confidence and attitude about schoolwork. This has solidified my goal to strengthen students' learning and growth mindset so they can take on their studies with enthusiasm and confidence.

So that's how the name was formed. I am READY TO SET GOALS. I hope I can inspire more students to do the same.

With gratitude, 


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"I understand that each student is unique and has their own learning style and pace. My tutoring services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, and I work with them to develop a personalized plan for success. My emphasis on growth mindset and continuous learning helps my students build confidence and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. With my support and guidance, my students are able to overcome challenges and achieve their goals."

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