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saleema noon podcast

Teaching Kids Good Habits using Growth Mindset

Podcast Episode on Growing up Game Plan with Saleema Noon. 

In this episode Saleema talks to Ginny Chiu, an educator and parent who teaches young people to set goals, create routines, be organized and be independent and motivated learners...not to mention have fun! They talk about Growth Mindset, which is the foundation of Ginny’s teaching, and how parents can model this for their kids.  Find the podcast here.

mom talk podcast

How to Help Children Set Goals to Build Independence

Mom Talk Podcast  

We all know that setting and achieving goals is a life skill necessary for success and happiness, but it’s one that even adults REALLY struggle with. 

How can we teach children to set realistic goals — and actually achieve them?

Find out more here to learn great tips on how to guide your child to set their own goals and achieve them.

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Upcoming Projects

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We are continuously working to share strategies and offer insight for the parent community. Stay tuned for more collaborations!

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