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"Ready to Go"
Teaching Students to Organize and Plan Smart 

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Time after Time...

Do you feel like a broken record constantly telling your child to do their homework?

Do you want your child to do well in school without you micromanaging them?

Do you feel like there's never enough time to get things done?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, I have a solution! 


not having to ask if homework is done.

not having to constantly tell your kids to get off the screen.

having more time with you and your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company WITHOUT worrying about whether they have completed all their schoolwork. 

Ready to Go is an online course teaches your child to form positive habits to achieve their goals, prioritize their time, and get things done. 

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How will my child achieve this?

Your child will learn about the growth-mindset and how their thinking plays a key role to motivation and learning. They will learn to set attainable goals, plan effectively, and organize their time in meaningful and practical ways to set themselves up for independence and success for learning. 

In this course, your child will:

☑️  construct attainable goals

☑️  set up a planning system that will allow their goals to be met

☑️  manage, schedule and keep track of their schoolwork on THEIR OWN

☑️  find balance between work and play

☑️  learn skills that will minimize anxieties caused by poor organization 

☑️  have happy parents who no longer feel the need to "nag" and micromanage

Ready to Go consists of 8 weekly (1 hour) live online sessions where your child is encouraged to interact in discussions. Each week's lesson scaffolds onto the next, and a short takeaway task is assigned where your child will apply the skills taught to start reinforcing habits learned.  Ready to Go is developed with research, theories and process-driven models. Each session is taught in an easy to understand, fun, and engaging manner.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Goal Setting

  • Session 2: Break it Down

  • Session 3: Planners

  • Session 4: Timeblocking (Part 1)

  • Session 5: Timeblocking (Part 2)

  • Session 6: Snakes and Ladders

  • Session 7: SMARTy Plans

  • Session 8: I'm Ready to Go!

Students will receive a package of pdf templates written and designed specifically for the course. Workbook includes session handouts that include a goal setting template and time blocking scheduler.

In addition to the sessions, the course includes two coaching consultations where I will discuss progress and provide constructive feedback to your child. The first consultation will be scheduled at midpoint (week 4) followed by a debrief at the end of the course (after week 8). Parents are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. 

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed for students entering grades 5-9 when students are given more school work and more accountability and responsibility is expected from them. However, you know your child best and will know whether this would be a good fit. This is an important age where a lot of emotional and physical changes take place in the brain (cognitive development), so having the students learn the strategies to effective learning and motivation at this age is key to their success in their later years in school. 

What makes this course unique?

Unlike other courses which consist of pre-recorded video clips, Ready to Go is delivered in a LIVE online format.  This means I talk with the students. I ask questions and they answer. They question and I answer. Students need their voices heard, and they need to interact and respond to make the most out of learning.

Other online courses are self-paced and while this may work fine for adults, the younger audience need and benefit from direct guidance and communication. Weekly scheduled lessons help build consistency.  Learning and communicating directly with the teacher helps build accountability to do the task and form the habits. 


When courses are self-paced, we often take the lesson when there is time, and often it ends up getting pushed aside and postponed for later. It is often found that this type of pacing isn’t consistent enough to create habits. And isn’t that the whole goal of what we are trying to achieve here? To set habits?


And unlike some self-directed courses where you will have to sit with your child to make sure that they are listening and focusing on the lesson, I am there to keep them accountable and on track. Isn’t the whole point for them to learn without you micromanaging over them? So while I am teaching, go and get dinner prepped or check your emails, or scroll through social media. You have 60 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself (unless you have more than 1 child…)

Students will be active learners. While in class, your child will be writing, doodling, raising their hands, and thinking and typing. They are not going to just passively sit there and stare at a screen. I speak directly to the students in a fun, engaging way, so they won’t even realize that they are learning. 

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Who teaches Ready to Go?

That would be me! Hi, I’m Ginny. I’m an educator with over 20 years of experience as a middle school teacher, English high school teacher, and as an adult educator. I have also worked in course and curriculum design where I developed publications and courses on the importance of effective communication in the workplace, and on mentorship in the construction industry. With my background in teaching English, I have pivoted to private tutoring where I work with students of all ages and levels to improve their reading, writing, and most importantly, their critical thinking skills. I’m passionate about helping students learn the why and the how before the what. I believe that when students understand why and how they learn, the lessons resonate and become that much more meaningful. 


Merging my love for teaching and my experience with curriculum design, I created this course to provide students with the tools to build their growth mindset and to foster positive habits to help them excel in their learning.

When does this course begin?

Sundays 5:00-6:00 pm (PST)

First Session: September 10, 2023

Last Session: October 29, 2023

What is the cost of this course?

Cost: CAD $315 + GST

What is the value of this course?

The value is immeasurable. I am teaching your child to shift towards a growth mindset and learn valuable life skills, and the lessons here are not limited to schoolwork and learning. Once students take Ready to Go and apply the strategies into their schoolwork, they can take these same lessons and transfer it over to everything else they do. If your child is involved in a team or individual sport, they can incorporate goal setting to improve a skill or motivate themselves to peak to the next level. If your child takes any extra-curricular activities, like playing an instrument or taking art class, they can use their time management skills to set goals and accomplish success. The opportunities are endless. 

"This online interactive course coaches students to form positive habits to achieve their goals, prioritize their time and get things done. Your child will learn about the value of planning and organizing their time in meaningful and practical ways to set themselves up for independence and success."

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Are you ready to help your child set goals for the new school year?
Have more questions?

I’d be happy to answer them. 

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