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Programs Offered

With innovative teaching techniques, qualified instruction, and quality learning materials, Ready to Set Goals teaches students about the importance of growth mindset and helps students become engaging learners to strengthen their foundations and improve their skills.  I support students at all levels from pre-K to senior high school.  Below are the latest courses that I am pleased to offer.

Ready to Go

Accomplish your Goals and Get Stuff Done!

ideal for grades 5-8

Improved organizational management enables students to do better at school and lays the groundwork for students to continue to do well in their later years. The Ready to Go course teaches your child to do just that.

Ready to Study

Exceed Your Expectations

ideal for grades 7-12

Ready to Study teaches students to work smarter, not harder. This course focuses on research-proven strategies for productive studying. Students will learn how to study effectively and efficiently using a number of successful test-taking strategies that will lead to increased confidence on test days.

Open Book
Student Paper Writing

Small Group Writing and Reading Classes

Reach Higher

from pre-K to grade 12

I offer online English tutoring and focus and cater to each student's unique learning style and needs. My experience allows me to engage with students at all levels ranging from teaching pre-K students the best pen grip and practicing their phonetics to working with high schoolers on how to think and read critically to write effective analysis papers. Please contact me to discuss your child's needs.

1:1 tutoring
Two Pens on Notebook_edited_edited_edited.jpg
School Children

Janelle, mom of grade 4 student

I just wanted to send a note to say - thanks! Marcus has been struggling with his writing and his ability to focus for some time. It has been hard on him (and me!). Tonight at dinner he said, "Mom, I think Ginny is really helping me!" which made my day. I thought that was worth sharing with you.

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